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At Microtek, we use only the finest products includingsoftware, office solutions, business packages, Windows2000 Intel and Cisco components. Why buy features you don't need or want when we can build you, or your business the right computer, network or total computer system to fit your unique needs.

  • Custom Built Servers
  • Printers
  • Network Work Stations
  • Mouse
  • Keyboards
  • Business Solution Packages including Windows2000 Server and Windows2000Microsoft Partner for Work Stations
  • Cables
  • Toner
  • Many Other ItemsCisco Systems

Introducing the..........

Intel components Server RAID Controller U2-1

Intel ServersWith the growth of the Internet and e-Commerce, businesses of all sizes demand the 24 x 7 data availability, fault tolerance and scalability only available from an Intelligent RAID solution. The barrier has traditionally been cost. The Intel Server RAID Controller U2-1 (SRCU21) provides a validated, easy to integrate solution whose exceptional price/performance brings the cost of Intelligent RAID into line with entry-level and mid-range Intel-based servers.

  • Designed and validated with Intel server boards
  • Exceptional price/performance
  • Intel quality, validation, service and support
  • Seamless online expansion without rebooting
  • Additional array and volume creation without rebooting
  • Online RAID level migration
  • Seamless disk recovery
  • Simple BIOS configuration utility
  • Browser-based storage console software
  • Intel® i960® RM Intelligent I/O processor

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